Bark Mulch Boulders & Cobbles

Lbs. Per Yard.
Stone - Mulches
Landscape Soils & Materials
Moraine Cobbles / Small
Moraine Cobbles / Large
Native Boulders
Northern Boulders
Rip Rap
Crushed Limestone / Any Size
**Cedar Mulch
**Red Oak Chips / Play Ground
**Red Bark / EnviroWood
**Brown Bark / EnviroWood
**Shredded Oak
**Pine Mulch
**Cow Manure
**Mushroom Manure
**Peat Moss
**Plant Starter Mix

Coverage Per Cubic Yard
Decorative Stone, Mulch & Special Soils


1" Deep Covers

324 Sq. Ft

  4" Deep Covers

81 Sq. Ft

2" Deep Covers

162 Sq. Ft

   5" Deep Covers

67.5 Sq. Ft

3" Deep Covers

108 Sq. Ft

   6" Deep Covers

54 Sq. Ft

*Average Pounds per cubic yard due to Material and Moisture Content
**Expect a Loss of Approx. 30% to Compaction on Mulches & Special Soils over time.

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Cedar Mulch

Red Oak Chips

Red Bark

Brown Bark

Shredded Oak

Pine Mulch

Northern Cobbles

Northern Boulders

Morain Cobbles

Morain Boulders






Native Boulders