Stone & Material

Decorative Stone

Decorative stone is the perfect landscaping material; it conforms to any terrain, will not blow away, rot or change color over time.  We have more than 50 colors and styles to enhance any home or business.

When it’s stone, you only have to do it once!

Mulch is also nice, but it disintegrates over time.

Abel Landscaping sells it's bulk decorative stone, mulch, and some boulders by the cubic yard and bushel.  We quote ton prices to compare with our competitors.  However, if you want a large amount we will weigh it and sell by the ton price.  Our bushel, ton and yard prices equal about the same price!  So, we generally give you a little extra to make this guarantee.

Coverage Per Cubic Yard

1” Deep Covers   324 Sq. Ft.
2” Deep Covers  162 Sq. Ft.
3” Deep Covers  108 Sq. Ft.
4” Deep Covers  81 Sq. Ft.
5” Deep Covers  67.5 Sq. Ft.
6” Deep Covers  54 Sq. Ft.

Expect a Loss of Approx. 30% to Compaction on Mulches & Special
Soils over time.

We suggest 3” depth on decorative stone and 4-5” depth on mulch.  Ask our staff if you require Typar Fabric.

Do it yourself or have it professionally done!

If you are serious, so are we, free estimates.


Decorative stone has been trucked to Abel Landscaping from around the country and is available to both contractors and homeowners.  Abel Landscaping employees use this stone to satisfy the individual wishes of customers.

Shredded topsoil is stored in a gigantic shed and is available the entire year around in a dry, unfrozen condition.

Boulders Flag and Ledge rock

Enhance your landscape using Boulders to accent your project.  Also, make beautiful natural retaining walls.  Do it yourself or have it done professionally!

Approx. Coverage Boulders Square Foot per Ton

3-5” – 50-55
6-8” – 35-40
8-12” – 25-30
12-18” – 12-15
18-24” – 8-11
2-5” – Available